North American rEvo Authorized Service Center

rEvo Service Center Training

Being the only Factory Authorized Service Center for rEvo Rebreathers in the United States and Canada, it is extremely important for OEO to be nothing less than a seamless extension of the rEvo factory in Brugge Belgium right here in the states.

There is no better training then being trained by the manufacturer. OEO technicians flew over to Brugge for complete Factory Training on the rEvo II and rEvo III. The training was extremely comprehensive, covering everything from building new rEvo III’s from the ground up, upgrading rEvo mCCR’s to Hybrid versions, full service and upgrades for all rEvodreams (including installing and potting new cables, soldering circuit boards and proper assembly of Molex Connectors), setup and testing of all work performed and much much more!

Upgrades for rEvo II’s

  • Work of Breathing Kit for DSV

  • Lower Work of Breathing Kit

  • rEvo Dream cable upgrade to NG

Upgrades for all rEvo’s

  • Fisher Cable for Shearwater

  • Hardwired Shearwater

  • mCCR to Hybrid Version

  • Cooper Hoses

  • Off board Gas addition

  • NEW! rEvodream P

Service for all rEvo’s

  • 1st Stages

  • Clippard valves

  • ADV / O2 orifice / DSV

  • rEvo Dreams

  • Counterlung replacements

  • 5 year service

  • 10 year service (Full Overhaul)

Prior to sending us your rEvo products for upgrades or Service, please fill out the Service Request form and e-mail it to info at oceanedgeoutfitters dot com. Be sure to enclose a copy of you service request form with your shipment.
Once we receive your request, You may be contacted by one of our staff for additional questions concerning your request.
We will provide you with a written estimate within 2 business days. Please be sure to provide us with multiple ways of contacting you (e-mail, phone, work phone or mobile).
We will always try our best for a quick turn around time for all upgrades and service. Sometimes things are out of our control. Depending on the type of service that you are requesting, it may take up to two weeks or possibly longer for completion. If there are any unexpected delays, you will be contacted by a staff member. *We are not responsible for delays if we can not contact you.

Ship all rEvo upgrades and Service work to the following address:
OceanEdge Outfitters
3 Hilltop Lane
Flemington, NJ 08822